whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messengers in Russia, it uses the same users every day for work and communication. Not everyone knows how to properly configure the utility for convenient use.

A decision has now been made on three non-obvious features of WhatsApp.

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1. Unique ringtones for different interlocutors

To set the sound for some custom meeting ringtones. So you definitely did not miss an important message from family members or work colleagues.

How to setup: availability in a chat with the desired subscriber, click on the contact’s avatar and the point of public opinion Wallpaper and sound. Here you can set up an individual signal for life.

2. Pinned chats in the list

It is convenient to pin chats with selected subscribers at the very top of the list so that they are always located in the same place.

How to setup: tab Chats and find the desired subscriber, swipe to the right and press the button Pin.

3. Blocking calls from unknown subscribers (spammers)

To limit yourself from spam and promotional meetings in Messenger, you can block incoming calls from unknown conflicts. So the conversation flows through whatsapp will be greatly reduced.

How to setup: in the application along the path Settings – Privacy – Calls and activate the mute of calls for unknown callers.

You will still encounter missed calls in the history and in the Event Center, but you will no longer be disturbed by beeps.

Now you know how to use your favorite messenger with comfort and convenience.

Source: Iphones RU

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