The Sol Reader gadget was entertained for true reading fans, who really do not like it when external observers are distracted from this process. On a virtual reality headset, only inside the eyepieces are E-Ink screens, as in many electronic weapons. Text from a smartphone or other device is displayed on them and makes it possible right before the eyes of the reader.

The design of the Sol Reader blocks most of the view, showing only narrow areas of peripheral vision through the mouth. The gadget has an automatic density adjustment system based on the light indicator, but you can set the density parameters manually. Each has a dual illumination system and separate ioptric range sensors so the Sol Reader can be used without glasses or contact lenses.

Operating time on one charge 25 hours. Sol Reader comes with a distance from the top of the page, which is not equal to a foreign language and soft manipulations. The cost of the device is $350, it will go on sale after the fall.

Sun Reader

Source: Tech Cult

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