5 fun games for iPhone and iPad with no ads and no spam

These are headers for iPhone with no spam or annoying ads.

Mini Basketball is one of the ad-free games in the App Store.

The App Store has become a business model with tremendous benefits for developers, largely thanks to the app. advertising and integrated shopping within apps. However, some apps overwhelm their users with excessive ads, ruining the experience. Especially in the playground.

Fortunately, there are still many games on the App Store that do not show ads of any kind and avoid spam. Below we suggest some of them ad free games focus on what really matters, what he has to play all the time.

Ad-free or ad-free games on the App Store

All the games we will include in this selection completely free and ad-free. Games that respect you as a player and don’t try to take advantage of you to spend more money. Let’s go there!

mini basketball

This casual sports game invites you to have a great time playing basketball games with small characters in multiplayer mode against other players from all over the world. Graphics are not bad at all The game mechanics are pretty simple.. A highly recommended game with no ads or ads.

What is Golf?

What The Golf is a fun game about a different type of golf. Completely pointless golf with furniture, cars and more. Even in space! Moreover, most of its levels have references or imitations to other popular games. It has a very interesting physique and is one of the funniest in the App Store. Available on Apple Arcade.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The final chapter of the most popular car saga on the App Store also does not bring any ads and focuses on the dizzying speed of overtaking and spectacular car actions. there is so much 185 circuits 13 real locations, a story mode and a multiplayer mode.

Space Crab 2

Space Crab 2 is one of those fun games that is as bad as it is good. The aim of the game is very simple: avoid meteors, collect coins and make new friends to keep adding points.

Sleep Patrol Alpha

Sleep Patrol Alpha is an interesting game on the App Store where you control a sheep. run and jump around a platform stage. You can add more sheep as you earn more points.

so far our A selection of ad- or spam-free games for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. We hope you liked them!

Source: i Padizate

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