Scammers don’t stop inventing new ways. stealing account on whatsapp. this fake The latest one was discovered by Rahul Sasi, CEO of CloudSEk, and stands out for its simplicity of action as it only allows accessing messenger profiles from a phone call.

In a post on Twitter on Monday, the 23rd, the expert explained that cybercriminals contacted randomly selected victims and convinced them to dial a specific number. Calls are usually made to numbers starting with “.67” or “405” is associated with operator services.

When making the call, the victim activates whatsapp registration process and unknowingly chooses the option to send. Verification Code to the scammer’s phone. With this information, the cybercriminal can hijack the target’s account and save it on their device.

To use account stolenThe scammer impersonates the owner of that profile and starts talking to the person’s contacts, often asking for money for a so-called emergency and creating new victims. Due to the simple mechanics of the action, Sasi estimates that there are a large number of people affected.

prevention tips

The best way to protect yourself, according to security researcher scam stealing WhatsApp accounts via phone call Enabling two-factor authentication in Messenger. In this way, the user adds an extra layer of protection, making it difficult for the attacker to act.

It also recommends that you set a password or PIN to log into your account in the messaging app and never give out platform verification codes to anyone. In addition, suspecting messages and calls by strangers in the program.

Sasi also warns that the scam has global reach, as operators in various markets use service numbers similar to those of the malicious campaign.

Source: Tec Mundo

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