macOS has a new ShadowVault virus that can beautify almost any data.

Its presence is owned by the research company Cyber ​​Intelligence Research Guardz. ShadowVault was purpose-built as an all-in-one data storage tool. It costs $500 a month on the dark web.

ShadowVault runs in the background and can do the following:

▪️ Extract passwords, cookies, bank cards, wallets and all browser extensions based on Chromium (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Torch, Yandex and 50 more) and Firefox

▪️ Add and remove any connection

▪️ Share passwords from Keychain Access

▪️ Decrypt crypto wallets in all browsers

▪️ Intercept messages in Telegram

Additional ShadowVault makers promise to provide an Apple developer signature for the virus.

ShadowVault appears as a .dmg application and seamlessly integrates into the system. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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