Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that development work is ongoing on a new and highly anticipated AAA game based on the famous Marvel superhero Black Panther. The project will be responsible for development studio Cliffhanger Games in collaboration with Marvel Games.

This announcement comes just in time to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Black Panther comic’s release in July. Superhero fans can’t wait to dive into an interactive world that allows them to take on the role of Wakanda’s guardian and experience the thrilling adventures of this iconic character.

Based in Seattle, Cliffhanger Games consists of a team of developers from various acclaimed projects. These include the leaders of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, known for its innovation in the action-adventure genre, and veterans of famous series such as Halo Infinite, God of War and Call of Duty.

Cliffhanger Games director Kevin Stephens, who has solid experience in the video game industry, is very excited about the project. In their own words, the studio’s goal is to give fans an authentic and complete Black Panther experience. They want to give players more control over the game’s narrative, allowing them to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Wakanda and experience what it means to be a legendary superhero.

The game will be set in third person and players will be able to explore a vast and responsive world full of cutting-edge technology and exciting challenges. By capturing the essence of the rich culture and mythology surrounding Black Panther, the development team is determined to give Wakanda the attention it deserves to the detail and authenticity it deserves.

The opportunity to create this game was enthusiastically received by both EA and Marvel Games. Both companies have expressed their commitment to working closely with the Cliffhanger Games team to ensure the game truly reflects the spirit of the iconic superhero and his universe.

Source: Exame

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