a fraud disclosed by G1 Monday (24) could pose a threat to the 42 million workers who qualify for the extraordinary withdrawal of FGTS authorized by the federal government. Criminals are using personal data of their owners your accounts to access Caixa Tem application.

Scammers take advantage of the automated money transfer process to allocate amounts up to 1,000 BRL from the current FGTS – Made by Caixa Tem app – to an account freely operable by the beneficiaries.

Since people do not need to go to Caixa branches in person, which is still a convenience, thieves use citizen data found on the Internet, especially after the mega leaks last yearto access the account and withdraw money.

How do cybercriminals manage to pull FGTS from victims?

The cybercriminals open the Caixa application with real employee information obtained from the internet and enter the master data: name and CPF. From there, they complete the registration with a random email and cell phone. Other times, scammers perform phishing actions, obtaining missing data directly from victims.

Besides being a crime that leaves little trace, most victims get robbed without realizing it, and you only deal with your loss when you try to withdraw your money and discover there is nothing in the account.

questioned by national newspaper, Caixa explained that the information suspected of fraud is confidential and communicated only to the beneficiaries and the Federal Police. In the e-mail sent to the issuer, the institution warns that in case of suspicious transactions, customers should appeal by submitting their documents from any Caixa branch.

Source: Tec Mundo

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