Something so useless so easy you can’t even imagine. All products on AliExpress can be bought very quickly.

Who wants a pillowcase with Dwayne Johnson? Or maybe someone wants outlandish sunglasses “glasses” for the whole face at once?

1. Pillowcase with Dwayne Johnson’s address


Pillowcase for real fans or ardent haters of Johnson Rock.

The seller offers a lot of designs this piece was created by an actor. They seem to deserve the closest attention. But it is not exactly.

▶︎ Sale: 496 198 rub.

2. Sunglasses for everything


Something like sunglasses that hide all at once. It’s hard to say why something might come into existence at all. However, a lot of people actually buy this thing.

In the initial letter, which with the help of such a person is installed to protect against surveillance cameras. Everything can be.

▶︎ Sale: 694 360 rub.

3. Realistic fake language for jokes


rubber tongue to play a prank on friends. He, for example, is great stretching, which will surprise everyone.

▶︎ Sale: 170 82 rub.

4. Bright 3D sticker with a cat on the toilet lid


Toilet stickers with a cat for every taste. Quality. Exactly suitable for true cat lovers.

▶︎ Sale: 189 113 rub.

5. “Gold” Bitcoin for crypto investors


In general, the souvenir looks very good. However, he does not, of course, get away with it.

▶︎ Sale: 145 100 rub.

6. T-shirt with imitation of male body parts


T-shirts with a male or female body in sizes from S to 4XL (judging by the reviews, they run small). There are a couple of options, including “exotic”.

Medium quality. However, such things are bought for fun, only to put on a couple of times and cheer the neighborhood.

▶︎ Sale: 702 414 rub.

7. Case for stationery with a zipper in the form of a fish


Yes, it’s a pen case in a real carp.

I can’t imagine why something arose, someone can meet at all. However, in terms of quality, it seems like very much nothing.

▶︎ Sale: 533 202 rub.

8. Fan cap with compartments for drinks


Cap for those who like to drink. It is difficult why to say it in such a format, but such an implementation may also have the right to life.

Mostly, for the role of comic happiness this thing fits perfectly.

▶︎ Sale: 1003 912 rub.

9. Liquid soap dispenser in the form of a nose


A disgusting soap dispenser that someone else decided to buy. The quality is as ugly as the look.

▶︎ Sale: 300 261 rub.

10. Cube with “jaws” for cleaning seeds


series don’t ruin your teeth while consuming seeds of any type, it is better to use what you want.

Complexity, as far as I can tell, the device is effective, but people seem to be buying.

▶︎ Sale: 202 137 rub.


11. Cape for toilet lid and cistern


“Unique” addition to the interior grandma’s style. So the bathroom will be much cozier, right?

▶︎ Sale: 1707 1 485 rub.

12. Fingers in the form of food hands


It is difficult, why say what is needed at all. Except that for fun, but nothing more.

The reviews say that such hands squeeze fingers very tightly. Although, perhaps for too long, no one was supposed to, right?

▶︎ Sale: 262 115 rub.

13. Miniature finger rollers


Funny roller skates that are worn on the fingers, not on the legs. Ride on these will only work on the table.

▶︎ Sale: 142 80 rub.

14. Mask of the miracle of the vile green toad


A vile mask that will help scare loved ones. She can’t do anything anymore.

Judging by the reviews, live is much more saturated in color than in the photographs.

By the way, the size is quite universal thing.

▶︎ Sale: 607 425 rub.

15. Smartphone handset


A headset that connects to an iPhone or other smartphone via a 3.5mm audio jack. All this looks very weird but funny enough.

Of course, when viewing with modern smartphones, an external adapter is required.

▶︎ Sale: 1730 RUB 1,418

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