Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams is a platform launched by big tech Microsoft that aims to improve communication between people and teams. It started pumping during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the period when many of our activities were transferred to the digital environment, but it started to be used more and more within companies.

However, as with all software, sometimes the functions do not develop as we would like and we have to encounter some kind of glitch in the system. In this article, we share tips on how to fix the most common problems that can occur in Teams.

I can’t tell if Teams is turned off

Like any other software, Microsoft Teams occasionally experiences connection issues. So the ideal is to start by checking if the connection problem is with your machine or with Microsoft itself.

The tip here is to go to the official Microsoft 365 page or the app’s Twitter account and search for the latest messages. Microsoft uses these two fields to clarify when technical problems occur.

Another thing you can do is search using Twitter. hashtag #MicrosoftTeams. So, if you see several people reporting the same thing, you know the problem is common. But make sure you choose to see only the following: tweets latest

Computer or mobile phone camera and microphone not working

As with any app, Teams can sometimes experience some instability.

If you are in this situation, the first point you should check is that the hardware is properly connected. Make sure the microphone and webcam buttons are enabled when you join a new meeting.

If other apps on your computer can access these devices, but Teams cannot, you’ll likely need access. Grant permissions for Microsoft software to operate the camera and microphone. In Windows, you must click on the search bar and type “Webcam”. Then choose which apps can access the camera and tick the “Allow” location.

Already on MacOs, you have to click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen and enter “System Preferences”. Then click “Security & Privacy” and then the camera.

If nothing works, you may need to update your version of Teams. To do this, select the three dots icon on the far left of your profile icon and select “Check for Updates”.

Teams only shows users’ oldest posts and threads

One of the most common mistakes on the Microsoft Teams platform is the impression that the stream "freezes".

The problem reported here is the feeling that your broadcast in Teams is “frozen”. The first thing to do in this case is to restart your app.

In Windows, you look for the Teams icon in the taskbar. Then right click and select “Exit”. On MacOs, right-click the Teams icon on the dock and select “Close”. Reopen the app and see if it’s resolved.

Another aspect that can affect is your internet connection. You can check your network performance by running a quick test: open a page you access frequently and see if the site seems slow.

Finally, when the app appears to be malfunctioning – which is usually temporary – using the web version of Microsoft Teams is an option.

New team building issues in Teams

It's always important to check for updates to keep the Teams app running at its best.

If you are trying to create a new team in Microsoft Teams but it is not working, the first point is to consult the administrator of that system (such as your company). This is because some organizations prevent individual people from creating new groups. Therefore, consult the IT industry.

But let’s say you are the person responsible for creating new teams within the company. You may have reached the Microsoft-provided limit for your work account.

If you want to change that, ideally, contact the vendor that manages your organization’s access to Microsoft Teams to see what can be negotiated.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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