Microsoft has announced the importance of innovation for many users. Over the coming months, the programs of the Office suite will install the default one. The Calibri font will pass the baton to the Aptos font. The decision was FORMED after studying the opinions of users who have been gathering for several years.

The company has a tradition of changing the font every 15 years. This is not a whim, but a deliberate one caused by the trends of the times. In 2021, Redmond announced a user vote for “favorite font”. Some of the most popular options are Seaford, Bierstadt, Skeena, Grandview and Tenorite. As a result, the company’s audience preferred the Bierstadt font as the preferred font for use in applications included in the Microsoft 365 suite.


Created by professional designer Steve Matteson, this typeface has been redesigned as Aptos in honor of his beloved city of Santa Cruz. But in the drop-down list, it can be the same name if the applications are “not ready for change.” The letter is easy to read.

According to experts, the font is ideal for displaying on displays with a high level of clarity, good uniformity and displaying texts of any type. With its introduction, Microsoft 365 becomes more expressive, and the functionality is complemented by a choice of new themes, colors, and backgrounds. And, most importantly – the function of setting any font as the “default font” vs more available.

Source: Tech Cult

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