Brazil halts iPhone sales until it adds a charger to the box

Brazil has banned Apple from selling an uncharged iPhone two years after the controversial decision with the iPhone 12.

by Ángel Roca for iPhone

In Brazil, it seems that Apple stopped including the charger in the iPhone box, something that happened almost 2 years ago with the release of the iPhone 12. The Brazilian Ministry of Justice fined Apple $2.3 million and stopped the sale of the iPhone 13. until the company adds a charger back to the box.

in theory Apple has decided to stop including the charger in the iPhone box for ecological reasons.. Not only because most users stopped producing them when they already had one, but also because they allowed smaller boxes to be made and more iPhones sent by plane or ship with each shipment.

iPhone 12

iPhones no longer include a charger in the box

However, it seems These environmental arguments did not convince Brazilian officialswho prohibits the sale of any iPhone that does not contain a charger.

Fines of R$ 12,274,500 (twelve million two hundred seventy four thousand five hundred reais), canceling the registration of iPhone brand smartphones from the iPhone 12 model on the market, and immediately cease the supply of all iPhone smartphones, regardless of brand, model or generation be it without the battery charger next to it.

The Ministry of Justice will not impose the sentence immediately. It will wait a while and just If it suspects that Apple is trying to circumvent the sales ban, it will apply. Of course, a serious problem with no obvious solution, because the iPhone 14 will not include the charger in the box either.

What options does Apple have right now?

Apple seems to be running out of so many options, their arguments have not convinced officials who understand that the charger is essential in an electronic device. So Apple has only one way out: Include a charger with every iPhone Sold in Brazil.


We have many kinds of chargers compatible with iPhone in the market.

Same way For a long time in France, Apple included EarPods headphones in the iPhone boxApple will need to do something similar in Brazil, although these haven’t been out of the box since 2020 either. So the box will remain the same, but a charger will be added as an accessory.

We’ll see What has Apple finally decided to do in Brazil?, but currently you will not be able to sell the iPhone without a charger. The company has not made any contact at this time, so we will remain vigilant.

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Source: i Padizate

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