The Ministry of Digital Transformation reported that from July 24, it will begin accepting applications for a deferment from military service as part of the autumn request for IT specialists.

At the beginning of this date, employees of IT companies submit an application through the State Services, and the employer will see it in his personal account on the portal. If the data is correct, he will confirm it.

If you do not have a personal account or it does not send its data, then the organization will be able to work on the list on its own.

In the port of the department, it is necessary to check the data of employees, check them and send the lists to the Ministry of Digital Development. until August 11 through public services. Multiple lists can be submitted from one organization.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation will transfer all received lists to the Ministry of Defense by August 31. Decisions to postpone admission will be made by the draft board.

What criteria must be met to receive a deferment?

The Ministry of Digital Development determined the basic characteristic:

• Russian citizenship, male
• age: 18 to 27 years old
• work under an employment contract
• normal working hours
• higher education in the specialty from the list
• work in accredited IT companies for at least 11 months during the year preceding the start date of the next call. The company must be accredited by August 11, 2023 (the requirement for equipment experience is not equipped if he got a job within a year after graduation)

We remind you that today the State Duma Committee supported in the second reception an amendment to call for an age of up to 30 years, but rejected an increase in the early threshold from 18 to 21 years.

Source: Iphones RU

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