Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s new film is full of impressive visuals that, as the director has repeatedly pointed out, do not use digital technologies such as computer graphics. These scenes, like the rest of the film, can be seen in any theater, but there is a concrete way to see the new work of the British director if what you want is to experience a much more real experience and according to the director.

the best way to see Oppenheimerin particular it is in Cinema IMAX in 70mmas Christopher Nolan remarked Pennsylvania. This is due to the fact that the film was developed for this format, as it was filmed using 65mm IMAX and Panavision cameraswhich later allow a projection of 70 mm.

It’s very rare these days due to technical issues, but Nolan can’t do anything. The director justifies himself by the fact that with this format “You really let the screen disappear”. “You get a 3D feel without glasses. You have a huge screen, and you fill the audience’s peripheral vision. You immerse them in the world of the film,” he stressed to the aforementioned media.

However, what do you offer, do you offer the possibility of watching a movie in IMAX format at 70mm?? In Spain, no, despite the fact that several IMAX halls are scattered around the territory. However, they cannot play the cassette. Oppenheimer 70 mm long, 18 km long and weighing 272 kg. In fact, there is only one cinema in all of Europe capable of projecting this format: the IMAX cinema, Palac Flora, in Prague, Czech Republic.

At least in Spain can see Oppenheimer in IMAX, but in 35mm format, at the Diagonal Mar cinemas, in Barcelona; Festival Park in Mallorca; Parquesur Leganes in Madrid; or Heron City Las Rozas, also in Madrid. Similarly, there are theaters that show movies in 70mm, though not in IMAX. Two of them are in Zaragoza: Palafox and Arganoia cinemas. And in Barcelona there is a cinema “Phenomena”.

What is the difference between seeing Oppenheimer in IMAX, IMAX 70mm and other formats?

You are probably wondering what is the difference between seeing Oppenheimer or any other movie IMAX, in IMAX 70mm or other more traditional format, as well as 35 mm in most cinemas in Spain and other countries. Well, the quality of the film in this case Oppenheimermay differ significantly.

IMAX stands for “maximum image” or “maximum image”.. This is a type of tape and projection that allows larger images to be recorded and played back. That’s why IMAX theaters have a much larger screen as well as a much more immersive sound experience. 70mm is the format in which the cassette is played.. That’s twice the size of the standard 35mm format, giving you a larger aspect ratio, better resolution, and a wider color gamut. Combining both concepts, the viewing experience changes completely. Nolan, in fact, assures that “this is the closest thing to reproducing the world as your eye sees it.”

There are also cinemas. IMAX with laser projectors: something that also improves image quality and color. These projectors also deliver higher quality content than traditional xenon projectors. So it’s not a bad idea to watch. Oppenheimer in a cinema with laser technology.

Source: Hiper Textual

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