The future of money and payments may be more about biometrics, or so you think Sam AltmanCEO of OpenAI, who announced the global launch on Monday of Worldcoincryptocurrency project founded in 2019. Its goal is to create “a new identity and financial network that belongs to all.”

What is the main idea: a future version of the coin that involves scanning your eyeballs with a “sphere”.

In a blog post announcing the launch, Altman and his co-founder Alex Blania said that if their project is successful, it could “drastically increase economic opportunity” by offering a means to “distinguish humans from AI online while maintaining privacy.”

They aim to achieve this by providing users with a digital identity, known as a World ID, as well as a digital currency that is given “simply for being human.”

To do this, potential users are asked to download the World application, called a “wallet”. They are then directed to visit a “sphere” that scans a person’s eyes to biometrically check them and provide a worldwide ID.

“This allows you to show that you are a real and unique person on the network, while remaining completely private,” the Worldcoin blog post says. According to Worldcoin, 1,500 balls will be installed in more than 35 cities in the summer and fall to begin with.

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Source: Digital Trends

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