Beeline and Osnova Group of Companies have agreed on strategic cooperation in the field of services, information and telecommunication technologies and IT services on the territory of the developer.

Joint projects and events will be created to increase the availability of modern technologies for Osnova residents in Moscow.

In accordance with the agreement, the operator is allowed to carry out the necessary work to connect communication services in residential buildings and complexes of objects even at the stage of construction of facilities. That is, at the time of settlement, residents, for example, will immediately be able to connect to the Internet.

To ensure the availability and reliability of mobile networks in mines, elevators, underground parking lots and on high floors of buildings, operator base stations appear right inside buildings. Such a solution requires reliable signal reception in any building on its territory. That is, the signal will be always and everywhere.

In our work, we primarily focus on the needs and expectations of our customers. In partnership with Osnova Group of Companies, we have the opportunity to create high-quality mobile network coverage and solve the problem of finding a provider even before settling in.

The modern infrastructure that we are building inside houses makes it possible to use communication not only in apartments, but also in more hard-to-reach places: mines, elevators, underground parking, density, and so on.

In addition, we help developers explore smart home, remote access and monitoring systems to create not just a comfortable, but also a measurable environment for residents.

— Oleg Biryukov, Director of the Moscow region of PJSC VimpelCom (beeline)

In the context of digitalization and transition to new IT technologies, our company pays great attention to communication with advanced systems at the design and construction stage of its complexes. Only partnership with leaders in the field of telecommunications will allow us to keep up with the times and put into our projects what will be relevant for years to come.

In our complexes, we expect the highest possible conditions for living, working and developing, which in some cases is inextricably linked with the discovery of convenient mobile communications and high-speed Internet.

As part of a significant part of the issue with the beeline, we will completely close in compliance with security requirements throughout the complex, including underground parking, elevators and all public spaces of the complex.

— Alexander Ruchev President, Osnova Group of Companies

The first joint solutions will be placed in the MIRAPOLIS quarter on Prospekt Mira, the Nametkin Tower complex in the south-west of Moscow, the VERI quarter on Miklukho-Maklay, the UNO.Starokoptevsky residential complex, as well as within the promising project of the Osnova Group of Companies on Silikatny proezd.

And where the developer had an insufficiently high network signal level, it is planned to increase the number of basic sensors. It is also planned that broadband Internet access and TV channels will be available to new residents immediately after settlement.

Source: Iphones RU

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