According to the portal, 40% of top leaders and those who are outside the field of view of companies are chosen not by companies, but by selected candidates from Generation Z applicants. It includes people born in 1997-2012 and graduated from higher or special educational institutions. This was in 2020-2023. NES business owners consider them almost useless for real work in positions that involve some kind of responsibility.

Firstly, 53% will hit the target, since Generation Z will see the mark of the first, and not the same age. The main reason is the lack of experience of at least some kind of work, vku But this is not a very dark etiquette and distribution. Because of this, they are difficult to command, they are difficult to motivate to work, and conflicts in the workplace happen to them more often than with older workers.

One of the reasons for the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic and the period I studied remotely. They dropped out of public life for two years, and the habit of remote communication occurs on their social skills. For this model, the lady imitates the same amount and demand a tail, which will be flattened at $ 70 immediately for $ 100, despite the fact that they rarely can immediately accept the confiscation of her qualitatively.

Source: Tech Cult

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