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Amazon also wants to compete with Facebook in layoffs: lays off 10,000 employees


amazon fire this week at 10,000 workersThis is reported by The New York Times, citing sources in the company itself. This will be the biggest party layoffs his history.

The pandemic has catapulted the benefits of social media, streaming services and e-commerce platforms. When people were stuck at home, they used Facebook and WhatsApp, watched Netflix and bought things on Amazon.

over these two years they hired a lot of staffto increase your business. They must have realized that Demand will fall after the pandemicbut they could handle it.

Poor technology foresight

What no one expected was the appearance of an unforeseen element named Vladimir Putin. invasion of Ukraine He launched chaos theory, the butterfly effect that caused high inflation, rising commodity prices and drop in consumption and advertising.

Income technology companies they plummeted, exacerbating the fact that they all had to give up their business in Russia.

And, as always, the revenue and advertising crisis means mass layoffs of workers.

Facebook got fired a few days ago 11000 workersTwitter to half of its employees, and according to The New York Times via Business Insider, Amazon will dismiss a 10,000 workers This week. According to their informants, the affected areas will staff, retail D Smart devices associated with Alexa.

Amazon employs 1.5 million people., so it’s not a big number as a percentage. But on a human level 10,000 layoffs this is terrible.

According to the website that keeps the records, tech companies like Meta, Twitter and Stripe have laid off 24,000 people in the last 15 days. in which we have 2022, 789 companies technological they fired a 121,413 employeesin what we have since 2022.

10,000 layoffs on Amazon scheduled for this week, this list will increase. No wonder governments are pressuring Putin to end the war. Despite everything, we continue to live in a globalized world where everything affects everyone.

Source: Computer Hoy

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