German automaker Mercedes-Benz has completely disconnected Russian dealerships from its software. Access, among other things, is limited to online services that allow you to quickly find the cause of the failure and eliminate it.

Mercedes-Benz disconnected Russian dealers from the software

Due to this, the repair time for Mercedes-Benz cars in Russia may increase. This was reported by Izvestia in the press service of the distributor of the company MB RUS.

Now dealers are doing their best to fulfill warranty obligations to customers, third-party software and equipment sold in markets help bypass restrictions, but “in fact, the term “official dealer” is losing its meaning. meaning,” says the source of the publication. noted.

There are workarounds, some distributors connect to services via European IP addresses or contact other companies, as online services are often developed by third-party companies, said Jan Heizeer, vice president of the National Union of Automobiles (NAU).

He believes that part of the diagnostics will be disconnected, and disabling the software can create risks of problems with the alarm and the coding of the car keys.

  • Mercedes-Benz announced the decision to suspend production in Russia and car deliveries to the Russian Federation in March 2022. The company estimated economic losses after the suspension of supplies to Russia at 1.4 billion euros.
  • In April 2023, the Russian dealer Avtodom bought the local Mercedes-Benz business. The company became the sole owner of two legal entities. The deal included, among other things, a car manufacturer’s plant in the Moscow region with a production capacity of up to 30,000 cars per year.


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Source: RB

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