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Tesla launches its chargers for all EV users in Spain


Electric vehicles have become the vehicles of the present and, above all, of the future. Its appearance on the tracks was not well received by users, although manufacturers of traditional internal combustion vehicles received it less well.. The main disadvantage of these vehicles was that they had to be loaded.

And the fact is that the mentality of both many people and many companies was more problem-oriented than solution-oriented. Despite all this, companies like Tesla have managed to build a network of chargers in several countries. Spain is one of those countries and until recently these outlets were exclusive to Tesla..

Everything changed in one day, and now Tesla has just announced one of the best news in recent memory. What he commented, and what has come down to us from the hand of the Hypertext, is that Tesla will allow any type of electric vehicle to use these chargers without the need for the South African mogul to sign them..


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Thus, the 118 charging points found in our country will become free for thousands of users who have opted for electromobility in recent years. Yes indeed Just because any type of car can access Tesla chargers doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a cost. and that everything has a price.

It has been seen that Tesla’s plans will charge users of other electric vehicles a price of €0.64 per kWh. Yes indeed being a new program in Spain, they will also introduce a monthly subscription at a price of 12.99 euros, which will reduce the prices per kWh to 0.43 euros..

In general, this new program opened in thirteen Spanish cities and as it expands, it is logical that more accessible cities are added. The list is as follows: Albacete, Alcobendas, Almaraz, Aranda de Duero, Atalaya del Cañete, Barbastro, Benavente, El Ejido, Granada, Jerez, La Seo d’Urgell, Rivabellosa and Seville.

To start charging a non-Tesla electric car, you need to download the company’s app, available for both Android and iOS.. You must create an account and then enter various details requested by the application to make a payment.

Source: Computer Hoy

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