Good morning! We’ve separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you know everything that happened last Tuesday (31). Just click on the links below to browse the entire news.

1. iFood launches electric motorcycle for R$10,000 for deliverers. In addition to being sustainable, the iFood guarantee is that the Voltz electric motorcycle reduces costs by up to 60% in fuel and 70% in maintenance.

2. Amazon Prime Video: All releases of June 2022 There will be several releases on Amazon Prime Video in June, but the highlight is the premiere of The Boys season 3; see the full list!

3. iPhone 14: the video shows the appearance of the next generation in ‘prototypes’. The lack of a notch and the rear camera module in the Pro versions are among the highlights.

4. Xbox Game Pass includes free AC Origins, Ninja Gaiden Collection and more. Check out the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for free!

5. The GTX 1630 will arrive in June with less power than the GTX 1050 Ti. After a delay, Nvidia’s new entry card should finally be released soon, but it shouldn’t affect performance.

6. Microsoft will remove three features from Excel from 2023. Money, which lets you sync bank account data in the spreadsheet editor, is one of the discontinued tools.

7. Xiaomi has announced 4K Smart TVs with Amazon Fire TV system. Xiaomi’s new televisions have Dolby sound and options up to 55 inches.

8. June will be a Supermoon in the sky and a solstice marking the beginning of winter. See what the main astronomical events of June are.

9. The young person who makes a complaint on the Internet is reimbursed by Nubank. University student Thamires Norberto had his cell phone stolen and within minutes he lost 7,000 BRL from his bills.

10. 6 dinosaur facts that Jurassic Park taught you wrong. A box office success, the Jurassic Park series has immortalized some controversial moments that have been questioned by the scientific community.

Source: Tec Mundo

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