MrGranBomba, the YouTuber who was slapped by a courier in 2016 after calling it “caranchoa” will have to reimburse the employee for a total of 20,000 euros. The Alicante court sentenced the former content creator to pay the specified amount for non-pecuniary damage, taking into account the amount for which he sold his YouTube channel, as it turned out. Information.

The decision, which has not been appealed to the Supreme Court, comes after the ex-YouTuber appealed against a previous sentence handed down a year ago by Alicante Court of First Instance No. 9. At the same time, they came to the conclusion that there had been “an unlawful interference in the honor and image of the dealer.” Also the clear intention of MrGranBomba to capitalize on his image. Actually, who is known as MrGranBomba posted two videos after what happened. In one of them, he showed how he received this slap from the courier, and in another, he insulted the worker, calling him “mentally unstable”, “criminal”, among other things.

Now, we repeat, the court took into account the benefit that the former YouTuber in the caranchoa case received through his channel. This one in particular was sold to Play Hawkers for €15,000.. In addition to 20,000 euros in compensation to the dealer, MrGranBomba had to distribute the solution to YouTube. The dealer, for his part, must pay a fine of 30 euros per slap.

“Let’s see if I make myself clear, caranchoa”

Sergio, a former YouTuber known as MrGranBomba, called Caranchoa's courier.
Sergio, the former YouTuber known as MrGranBomba, called the courier “karanjoa”.

MrGranBomba, remember, in 2016, he called a courier who was during his working hours, “caranchoa”, having previously asked him for the street where the shops were located. “Let’s see if I can clarify myself, caranchoa,” the YouTuber said after receiving instructions from the courier. “Caranjoa? What if I give you a master?the worker replied.

The ex-Youtuber tried to reassure him, specifying that it was a hidden camera, but this did not help to avoid a slap in the face that the courier gave him.

In 2017, the Court of Investigation No. 8 of Alicante issued a verdict in which the courier was fined 30 euros for minor injuries. All this, despite the fact that the ex-Youtuber’s lawyer, who called him a “caranchoa”, asked for a fine of 180 euros. Also damages in the amount of 300 euros.

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