Technology is always improving, and from time to time it leads to the emergence of new versions of the same equipment or its replacement with a completely different version. But in some cases some refuse to receive mandatory retirement and remain in use to this day.

In this special article prepared by the team Technology WorldLet’s talk about seven ancient technologies that still remain important to many people today, even if they are considered old.

1. abacus

You’ve probably come in contact with an abacus at some point in your life. If you need a little help with your memory, there are some lines with colored scales that are often used to do math involving basic math operations.

What many people don’t know is that the abacus is probably one of the ancient technologies invented by the Chinese and still active. It is assumed that created about three thousand years agoand even in the Asian region there are still many traders using the equipment today.

2. Floppy disks

The floppy disk was a very common legacy technology for saving documents.  (Source: GettyImages)

Younger computer users are certainly aware of what a floppy disk is because of the old save icon found in Word. However, this tiny storage unit with an “incredible” 1.44 MB is still used for some purposes today.

To give you an idea, warships, airplanes (like older variations of the Boeing 747-400) and even some nuclear missiles still use these tiny disks to store some important information.

3. QWERTY keyboards

The keyboard system we use today was invented several centuries ago.  (Source: GettyImages)

Anyone with access to a computer or smartphone these days uses a keyboard to access the internet and perform many other functions. What maybe some don’t know is that this is old technology that apparently won’t be retired anytime soon.

The keyboard pattern we use now was created by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1873, patented by his creator in 1867, and sold to E. Remmington in 1867, who applied this pattern to his typewriters. With this, typing work was much faster thanks to the layout of the keys.

This system received a minor upgrade in 1932 when August Dvorak rearranged some keys and placed the most commonly used vowels and consonants in the middle row, but the design never managed to become as popular as the old QWERTY technology.

4. Polaroid

For those who love pictures, Polaroid is an old technology that refuses to retire.  (Source: GettyImages)

Taking pictures is a possibility that is already part of everyday life for many people, and many eventually learned to do this task using a film camera. Perhaps one of the most popular camera models was the Polaroid and believe me it still exists today.

It is true that the current model no longer needs the film, the old development process and the like. However, it is interesting to realize that despite all the features found in more modern smartphones when it comes to photography, this is an old technology that still finds a place in the hearts of many people.

5. Tube TV

Many former video game owners refuse to give up tube TV.  (Source: GettyImages)

Tube TVs are another type of technology that is refusing to go away, and most of this is for people who own older video games like the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive. still prefer this television model to enjoy their favorite games.

It is a type of television that came to market in commercial format in the 1920s, meaning it coexists harmoniously with the rugged, rugged, flat-screen televisions that still work in many homes, which we might consider nearly a century old device.

6. Wood Stove

The wood stove joins the old technologies that don't seem to be retiring.  (Source: GettyImages)

If your grandmother or a relative lived in a more rural town (or farm), you’ve probably seen a wood burning stove in your life.

Despite all the modernity that the current models bring, there are those who prefer a wood burning stove to prepare some special dishes. claims that this model gives a completely different taste to food and that anyone who has tried something prepared in this old fashion knows this to be true.

7. Turntables

Saudosismo continues to keep record players active to this day.  (Source: GettyImages)

Stereos released a few years ago had a dedicated compartment for playing music using famous LPs. After a period of “extinction” this is another ancient technology that has resurfaced and continues to find a place in the homes and hearts of many people.

Whether it’s nostalgia or something else, it’s a fact that many companies have started to include the record player as an option among their equipmentmakes many people interested in having it in their home.

Remember older technologies still in use? Share your message with other readers using our social networks. If you wish, it would be useful to know a little more about the 80’s Spotify, Walkman, see you!

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