In today’s digital age, storage has become an essential tool for conveniently organizing, backing up and accessing your data.

iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service, offers a host of features and tricks that allow users to get the most out of their space and resources.

As the official Apple page explains, you automatically get 5GB of storage by installing iCloud. This storage system information is protected, updated and available on all your devices.

Backing up to the cloud, saving your photos and videos to iCloud Photos, Updated documentation Find it in iCloud Drive and perform various tasks.

Get to know some of the tricks and interesting data collected from the Apple page and the ‘Xataka’ and ‘WonderShare’ tech portals:

You can regularly review the file types that take up your storage space. Use the interface and settings options on your Apple devices to set items that consume space and optimize their deployment.

Strengthen the security of your iCloud account by turning it on two-step authentication. This verification process ensures that only you can access your data by requiring confirmation via unlocked devices before signing in to iCloud.

Personalize your sync experience choosing which items you want to keep in sync. Adjust preferences on both macOS and iOS devices to make sure only essential files and data are synced, and make room for the things that really matter.

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Leverage iCloud Drive settings to determine who can access and collaborate on shared content, Improves productivity and team organization.

Manage your backups Optimize your storage by removing outdated file types or content, balancing security and space availability.

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You can enable the following option on your iOS device: optimization photo storage. This feature allows efficient management of images, freeing up space without sacrificing access to your photos.

Take advantage of iCloud Drive integration with Apple operating systems and the “Files” app. This allows you access your files easily add folders from multiple devices and add folders from other cloud storage apps for more versatility.

Make it easy to transfer information between your Apple devices by taking advantage of the shared clipboard. This allows you copy content to one device and paste to anotheras long as both devices are connected to the same iCloud account.

You can share your iCloud storage with your family members via the ‘Family Sharing’ service. Take advantage of the feature location sharing and parental control provide a safe and efficient experience for everyone.


Take comfort in knowing that you can recover accidentally deleted data within 30 days. Use advanced iCloud options to restore things like files, contacts, and more, making sure you don’t lose your information.


Here are five MacOS tricks every user should know.

Apple has patented a system that can lip-read and recognize commands without speaking into the microphone.

So you can synchronize your Android or iOS smartwatch with your mobile phone.

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