Video game developer Lesta Games is investing 100 million rubles in holding World of Tanks tournaments and launching an eSports league for the discipline. The company has already held two tournaments this year and is planning two more. In 2024, he intends to have five.

Video game developer Lesta Games will invest 100 million rubles in World of Tanks tournaments

The league will consist of an annual tournament for the title, as well as smaller events organized by third-party companies, specialized operators or the studio itself, Kommersant reported.

VK is also involved in the development of e-sports, they are preparing to host a CS: GO 2 tournament. Both companies hope that the competition will attract an audience: VK to the streaming platform, Lesta to World of Tanks.

The number of amateur and professional tournaments in Russia is growing, but major advertisers are still cautious about the prospects of sponsoring such competitions.

  • Russian e-sportsmen will be able to receive sports ranks and titles in the discipline of “3D tactical combat”. Titles will be awarded for World of Tanks competitions.
  • The authorities will allocate about 1.8 billion rubles in 2023 for the preparation of the eSports competitions of the Games of the Future. They are scheduled for 2024, Kazan has been chosen as the venue. The “Games of the Future” will be held in new disciplines. The format of the tournament provides for the introduction of innovative developments in electronic sports, robotics and virtual reality. The prize fund for the games is $25 million.


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Source: RB

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