The iOS 17 discovery system adds new ways to share saved passwords with unknown devices. This can come in handy when you need to log into your account on someone else’s computer. look more for the account password in the keychain and transfer it to other non-gadgets.

To the point: Like the iPhone Keychain in the app. Quick password search with desktop

Currently, there are cases of use of the new iPhone, which were found on tests in the firmware.

How to securely transfer passwords to other devices in iOS 17

This authorization method is available on any site that has added a feature Sign in with Apple.

1. Log in to the site using your apple account and enter your Apple ID.

2. Instead of entering a password, press the new button Sign in with iPhone.

3. A QR code for the effect will appear on the screen. Launch the application Camera on iPhone (in standard photo shooting mode) and on a computer monitor.

4. The link in the QR code will be recognized, click on the button Access key entry and log in via Face ID or Touch ID.

This is how you can quickly and safely use accounts on other people’s computers without transferring the password in the operation.

Source: Iphones RU

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