“Smart” home is the main trend of recent years. Many people are already setting up their gadgets to make life easier.

And now SberDevices has released a series of smart home gadgets. We have already protested and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Now there are a lot of smart appliances on the market, and it is very diverse. But it’s always better to start with the most basic things.

I won’t delay for a long time and I’ll say right away that everything works like clockwork. About everything in more detail.

What is included in the new “smart” house from Sberbank

Keep your systems deeply integrated into your users’ daily lives. The company has long since turned from an ordinary bank into a multifunctional corporation that will expand the circle of users.

We have already installed their speakers, set-top boxes and even a smart display separately. The beginning was not the most confident, it seems like its jambs, but over time, the engineers have finalized many of the points that we tried hard for.

And now the company has introduced its own smart home gadgets. Without them, it is already impossible to imagine an apartment if you have at least one company device.

So, what does Sberbank have to upgrade your apartment today:

🔻 smart button
🔻 socket
🔻 light bulbs
🔻 door and window opening sensor
🔻 motion sensor
🔻 hub

All devices operate using the Zigbee 3.0 wireless protocol.

1. Hub

The hub, as it should be, is the central set to which all smart home gadgets are connected.

This center and totality of the entire brain system. It can also control the spawning of Aqara and Sonoff Zigbee devices. A convenient solution for owners of special equipment.

2. Smart button

The button is needed to control pre-configured screenwriters or devices for spouses. It supports three preferences: one shot, two shots, and long (hold for about three seconds).

In each case, you can use your own script. Personally, I “hung” two actions on her. At home there is a small table lamp, but it sometimes has lighting that is suitable for everyone.

So, when the button is pressed once, the lamp turns on, and when the button is pressed twice, it turns off. The button itself conveniently closed on the wall next to me.

3. Smart socket and temperature sensor

I have an air conditioner at home, but it is far from a “smart” device and cannot be controlled remotely.

In conjunction with smart socket and temperature and atmosphere sensor I created a scenario in the Salute application so that when the air temperature is above 24 degrees and the expression is above 40% of the impact of the air conditioner, and when the required indicators change, it turns off. Now the “condo” works autonomously and detects a temperature sensor in the case. It turned out a kind of mini-climate control system.

The socket connects to your home Wi-Fi, it can be controlled remotely, without even requiring it in the apartment. There is also support for control through voice assistants Salyut. So let’s say I want to turn the temperature even lower and I just ask Joy or Athena to turn the air conditioner back on. Fortunately, there is a SberBoom Mini, and it hears me perfectly even with the music turned on.

Outlet works from the mains 100-260 V. It is protected from power surges. There is an LED indication on the case to check the status of the work (if anything, it does not turn off). There is support for Bluetooth 4.2.

And if the protection is triggered, the outlet automatically turns off the device, and when the voltage returns to normal, it turns on again.

As for the temperature sensor and display, it works in the temperature mode of the screen. from -10 to +50 degrees. Humidity he can determine from 0% to 95%. At the same time, the device worked on one CR2032 battery for 2 years. This is a good indicator, the analogue from Xiaomi, which I have, does not work longer than a year.

If there is a humidifier at home, then it can also be connected to an outlet with a sensor that determines the appropriate scenario.

For giving such a sensor can be useful, for example, for detecting a house. If you leave for a while, the sensor will have high readings, then, according to the availability you created, it will activate the heaters. Comfortable? Certainly.

4. Opening sensor

It signals the opening of a door or window and consists of a main unit and a magnet. In general, a standard set.

The sensor is triggered when the block with the magnet is disconnected. At this point, the device can run its own automation scripts. For example, you can turn on smart lights in the hallway when someone enters the house, or turn off the same air-conditioned outlet when you open the window.

And in terms of security, such a device is not used useless. You can hang it on a window or front door, and in case of penetration into the house, you will receive an SMS or push notification about this event.

There are many applications, and all of them come only from imagination. The device itself is compact and almost invisible, which is a big plus.

5. Smart lamps and motion sensor


Let’s start with the motion sensor. We are used to the fact that usually this is a small static device that you put somewhere, hung up or forgot. But how and when you will annoy this sensor also depends on various changing requirements.

We decided to make the device more universal. The main body of the sensor is attached to a powerful magnet and can be tilted as you like. It is determined within 7 meters. Then everything depends on the angle of inclination.

Personally, I put this sensor in my hallway and connected to a smart lamp. As soon as the sensor is triggered, the light turns on.

What cons did you notice

Personally, I did not really like that the light turns off after at least 2 minutes. And if, for example, I went through the hallway to the room, then why do I need another 2 minutes of waiting when the light turns off?

I drown for a decrease in time or for activating the light only by the presence of movement, so that when you leave the room, it immediately turns off. But this is so, small quibbles.

Plus, it’s a pity that for now no high speed with HomeKit. I would like to see all the automation in Apple’s proprietary application on the iPhone.

For the time being, the system works in any case in the Salyut app on Android, in the Sberbank Online app, and on the website. Last use case for iOS device owners.

General impressions? Yes, everything is great

Sber’s new gadgets differ from basic issues and improving home security.

What about the prices? Any sensor and a “smart” button cost 1,590 rubles each, a hub costs 2,490 rubles, an outlet costs 1,290 rubles.

With their help, it is convenient to control the equipment in the apartment. In the Salyut application, you can fully customize all the automation and come up with any scenarios, it works clearly and quickly.

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