It all started on July 27 when Galloway published a post on X commenting on the Reuters investigation into the creation of a Tesla team to investigate and suppress any dissatisfaction with the performance of Tesla electric vehicles on the Web. We’re talking about the range and range of motion of these electric cars.

At the post, the professor noted that “Tesla has deliberately provided drivers with optimistic travel distance estimates, putting many in a difficult position.” And then came the sarcasm: “But you have to completely trust X.” Galloway appreciated Musk’s intention to make X the “app for everything.”

Immediately after that, the professor’s account was blocked, and he immediately wrote on the Threads social network that the blocking was due to his reluctance to talk to Musk about his “unjustified attacks” on the businessman. On Tuesday, August 15, 17 days had passed since Galloway’s account with half a million followers was blocked.

Source: Ferra

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