Sber has implemented an analogue of ChatGPT, GigaChat, on smart devices with the Salyut assistant, the press service of the technology company said. Users of the SberBoom and SberBoom Mini smart speakers will be the first to evaluate the work of a multimedia neural network. The feature will be available for other devices soon.

Sber introduced its GigaChat neural network to devices with Salyut assistant

Now the column can be asked to generate text according to the specified parameters, for example, compose a fairy tale, offer gift options, discuss an idea. GigaChat will help you create a greeting, give cooking tips and plan sports training.

The neural network remembers the context of the conversation, allowing you to add details and clarifications to the dialog, to use it, just say: “Salute, turn on GigaChat”.

In the spring, Sber entered the race of world leaders in the field of AI and introduced its own version of a multimodal neural network. Unlike the popular ChatGPT chat bot, the GigaChat service “initially already supports multimodal interaction and more competently communicates in Russian,” Sberbank explained.

The company launched sales of smart speakers from SberBoom and SberBoom Mini in January 2023. RB.RU tested one of them and talked about the competitive features and disadvantages of the SberDevices product.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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