Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world marketed by Microsoft. And even though it’s been used by many every day for a long time, it’s still not without problems.

With some versions introduced over the years, it’s possible to find a lot of praise among the latest. However, not everything is rosy and there are some issues that may bother many users.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key issues faced by Windows in various versions throughout its existence. Check out the most common ones below. Entertainment!

10. Files opened with wrong apps

There are media or text files in various formats including PDF, docx, jpeg, mp4 and more. You have dedicated readers for each on your computer but still won’t open or even open but in the wrong applications. Generally speaking, this error is very easy to fix.

In Windows 10 or Windows 11, right-click the file, select “Show more options” and then click “Open with…”. From there you will be able to choose the correct reader for your file and still leave it as the default application.

9. Login Password

There are some issues in Windows that require more attention to resolve.  (GettyImages/Playback)

Most people don’t know but It is not mandatory to have a password to access Windows. This minor issue can be fixed in a few seconds. Go to “User Accounts” and change admin access.

8. Start Menu Issues

The Start Menu has undergone some transformations in Windows versions.  (GettyImages/Playback)

The Start Menu has been there since the early versions of Windows. It is gradually changing and becoming more attractive to users. In general, through it you can browse all installed programs.

However, obviously, this menu has already introduced some issues. For example, a bug in Windows 10 has left its mark on the experience of many, mainly because it won’t turn on. Despite this, this issue has become rare and has been resolved internally.

7. Automatic Updates

Some automatic updates can cause operating system problems.  (GettyImages/Playback)

It’s common for newer versions of Windows to have automatic updates. New security packages and new applications are installed in the background without you noticing, If you don’t restart the system, it creates an overload and persistent notifications. If you want to leave this for later, simply make some changes in Windows Update.

6. Battery drains too fast

Laptops with a more advanced Windows operating system can be overloaded.  (GettyImages/Playback)

Speaking of automatic updates in the background, disabling them can also fix one problem: the battery. Starting with Windows 10, many users have noticed that their laptop battery drains much faster. Savings in every way can be the basis for better performance.

5. Touchpad stopped working

Laptop touchpad issues are more common than you might think.  (GettyImages/Playback)

You turned on your laptop and your touchpad is not working? Calm down, this can be fixed on Windows as well. Access the device configuration and enable the touchpad if disabled. If it still doesn’t work, it’s good to update the software driver.

4. Problems with Bluetooth

The connectivity issue also gave Windows users a lot of headaches.  (GettyImages/Playback)

Just like the previous item, Bluetooth can also disappear from Windows. However, there is something effective to fix the problem.

This way it is necessary to open the device manager, update the bluetooth driver and restart the computer.

3. DVD drive not found

Although recent models no longer support DVDs, this could have been an issue with Windows in the past.  (GettyImages/Playback)

With the advent of Windows 10, reading and playing CDs and DVDs stopped having a native app. Also, there are several models that no longer have an entry for such environments.

But, You can download a new application to realize automatic reading of CDs and DVDs. and still run them. One tip is the Windows DVD Player, which can be free for those who have just updated the OS version.

2. Startup Issues

In most cases, the Windows startup process can take a long time to complete.  (GettyImages/Playback)

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 promise fast and efficient startup without too many programs opening.

But if they still insist on delaying the scan right after turning on the computer, open the Task Manager and disable any apps that are bothering you at that moment.

1. Privacy Issues

Several privacy and cybersecurity issues have already hit Windows.  (GettyImages/Playback)

To close this list of recurring problems in Windows, let’s talk about privacy and cybersecurity. It is possible to change the settings referring to this field, disabling most of the actions. Generally, all are sent to Microsoft without the user’s knowledge.

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