Possibilities Telegram has long gone beyond the usual messenger, and the number of hidden and little-known features just rolls over.

We have collected for you 10 hidden application options that are known only to the most active users of the messenger.

1. Protect Telegram users nearby

This method of searching for users helps not only to find new acquaintances, but also to acquire very suspicious contacts. For example, he himself thus found a way for neighbors after moving and quickly wrote to the entrance chat in the entrance.

To search for messenger users, you need to configure:

▶ Go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services and allow the app Telegram access to the GPS module.

▶ Open the messenger in the tab Contacts.

▶ Press Find people nearby.

2. Send silent messages

When the idea to send a message comes in the middle of the night, the topic is not very important, you can send silent messages. So you won’t forget your thought, and you won’t wake up a person.

Before sending such a message, delay the port ID and select Send without sound.

3. Send scheduled messages

And this feature, on the contrary, is useful when you want to tell the interlocutor something important, but exactly at the specified time. For example, this way you can plan a congratulation on a holiday in advance or as a keepsake for a work colleague.

Notification is mandatory at the specified time, and the information will be very high.

Before sending this, hold the icon on messages, select Send lateraccess and time.

4. Edit videos before sending

The messenger contains a good video editor, which in some respects surpasses the standard application Photo.

To edit a video, click on it in the attachment selection window. An editor with textures will open, where you can crop or trim the video, change measurement parameters and colors. You can also lower the video quality.

It does not suffer though.

5. Use messenger in reminder videos

If you send scheduled messages to yourself, it may happen Telegram into a simple reminder app. This is convenient when the presence of a messenger at the same time iOS And android.

To create reminders, you need to open a chat Favorites and send a message on schedule, as in the occupied territories. Read the detailed instructions and features of the chips in a separate article.

6. Quickly View YouTube Videos in Chat

If you often share YouTube videos with friends, choose from different ones. Write in the correspondence @yotube and channel namethen select a clip from the menu that opens.

In the same way, you can send articles from Wikipedia @wikitracks from Apple Music @musicstickers @sticker and gifs @gif.

7. Create polls and quizzes

In a chat with friends or colleagues, you can quickly find a couple to create a simple questionnaire. There are features where to go on the weekend or what movie to watch in the evening.

To do this, in the menu for adding files, a large value on the tab Survey (works only in group chats), enter a question and answer options.

And if you activate Quizyou can ask questions with multiple answers, marking it correctly.

8. Send photos without video

When you need to send a picture in original quality without video, you can use this feature. After selecting images to send, press the menu button and select Send as file.

9. Hide previews of images you send

To prevent the recipient from seeing the picture in the confirmation or when scrolling quickly through the feed, you can hide the image preview. After that, to view, you will need to tap on the resulting photo. This is a good way to draw attention to the sent pictures.

To hide the preview before sending, tap the menu item and select hide under spoiler.

10. Disable invitations to spam groups and mailing lists

If your account is listed in the merged database or you have collected an invitation to strange chats and unfamiliar groups, you need to enable one feature in the parameters.

Go to Settings – Privacy – Groups and Groups and replace the default setting. Either allow the invitation only to infection, otherwise, refuse random diseases in unfamiliar chats by invitation.

This is how you can customize the messenger for yourself and comfortably implement frequent actions in the application.

Source: Iphones RU

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