Russian investment firm Digital Broker (formerly Freedom Finance) has updated versions of its account servicing agreements and clarified which securities it will be able to forcibly sell. We are talking about foreign securities with the symbol .US, which are held by Freedom Finance Europe LTD.

Digital Broker has clarified the criteria for securities for forced sale

If in previous agreements the broker could, at his discretion, forcefully sell positions worth no more than $100, now the documents include values ​​of no more than $50, as follows from the publication of new versions of the agreements on the organization’s website.

The changes took effect on September 15. The decision is related to “the difficulties in supporting corporate events with such securities,” representatives of the Digital Broker company told RBC.

Due to EU sanctions against the National Settlement Depository (NSD), many international depositories stopped trading with it and investors’ assets were blocked.

Digital Broker attempted to unlock the funds, but in August it emerged that Belgian financial authorities had rejected the venture.

It is also known that since July Digital Broker has introduced restrictions on the withdrawal of client funds in euros to accounts in Russia (with the exception of Raiffeisenbank) and in several foreign banks, and has also carried out forced currency conversions in the accounts of the clients.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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