new evidence that iPhone 15 Pro will have an action button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra It was revealed on Tuesday (22), with the release of iOS 17 Beta 7. 9 to 5MacThe update adds different haptic feedback patterns for turning silent mode on or off on the phone.

With these new layouts, the device vibrates more “notably” when switching between on and off options. According to the publication, this kind of behavior is interesting for smartphones with action buttonIt strengthens rumors that the functionality will be released for the first time in the next generation of iPhone.

It’s worth noting that there was only one type of quick haptic feedback in previous versions of iOS for the moment the silent mode was activated. The characteristic vibration of the function is not noticed when the voice prompts of the phone are reactivated.

The Apple Watch Ultra action button can be repeated on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Those responsible for the discovery succeeded in duplicating the model available in the latest beta version of the operating system, by removing the iPhone from vibrate mode when the device is tapped harder. For them, this feature will help the user to know what mode the mobile is in just by pressing the button, in case the next generation really gets a solid state button.

User-selected functions

As with the Apple Watch Ultra, the so-called action button on the iPhone 15 Pro should offer the user: Possibility to choose which functions are activated when pressed. Configuring Siri shortcuts and quickly activating the camera are some of the guessed options.

It is also possible to use the innovation to turn on the mobile phone’s flashlight, activate focus mode, translate, activate the recorder and accessibility features, among other functions. The traditional activation and deactivation of silent mode is another possibility mentioned.

Rumors that a new button will be found on Pro versions of the iPhone 15 arose after the event. MacRumors It found hidden code snippets in the test version of iOS 17. The next-gen handset will launch in September, whether we’ll get confirmation of the feature’s rollout.

Source: Tec Mundo

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