Now I drones in the UK they serve on behalf of Network Rail to prevent delays of the trains caused by the presence of unauthorized persons. Network Rail owns most of the rail infrastructure in England. In 2021 1,105 cases of presence of people in areas Not authorized in the track section. This has led to 48,702 minutes of delay in train traffic.

Here, the drones that monitor unauthorized persons can help with timely intervention to prevent train delays. The aim is to reduce train delays by checking predetermined areas where timely action can be taken. A goal that can to prevent also possible accidents caused by the presence of unauthorized persons in certain areas.

Drones are used to avoid train delays and are also useful for checking the status of: storage of the lines of tracks. The Network Rail project against train delays also has an economic report. In 2021, it said the delay has cost $4 million.

We are already seeing the benefits of this technology in terms of finding people quickly and reducing passenger delays.

director of Network Rail

Drones are therefore valid for different applications, even in the same sector!

Source: Lega Nerd

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