Apollo humanoid robot from Apptronik.

Another humanoid robot has come to smell your work.

Created by Texas-based Apptronik, the new robot workerNamed “Apollo”, it certainly looks like the real thing and is far from the clumsy and clumsy contraptions that sometimes appear in such discoveries. This is likely because the Apollo is the culmination of Apptronik’s experience and expertise in building over 10 robots, including NASA’s Valkyrie humanoid robot.

The company says Apollo already has the skills and craftsmanship to competently operate warehouses and manufacturing plants, though it adds that future improvements to its design could help industries such as construction, oil and gas, electronics, retail, home delivery and body care. .

Apptronik released several videos this week showcasing the humanoid robot’s abilities, which currently include unloading, lifting, carrying and stacking items. You can see some images below:

Apollo is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. The robot can handle a payload of up to 55 pounds and operate for four hours on a single charge. Luckily for your employer, the Apollo won’t have long coffee breaks while it waits to charge, as its battery can be quickly replaced with a new one.

As shown in one of the videos, the robot has digital displays on various parts of its body to communicate with its human bosses or nearby workers, if any. Speaking of peers, the Apollo is equipped with a variety of sensors to help you stay clear of nearby people or other nearby obstacles.

The package also includes a software package that offers Apollo point-and-click control and customizable automatic behavior designed to perform various tasks.

Those who follow the development of humanoid robots will notice some similarities between them. Tesla Bot in development And Robot Xiaomi CyberOne. Boston Dynamicsowned by Hyundai, has also made impressive progress in the development of versatile mobile robots for workplaces.

Some of the limitations associated with humanoid robot designs mean they have not yet made much of an impact on the industry, and stationary robots built for specific tasks are more likely to be deployed.

“As labor issues and employment trends continue to affect our economy, we need to fundamentally change the way we think about work, especially in the warehouse and supply chain,” Jeff Cardenas, co-founder and CEO of Apptronik, said in a statement. “People don’t want to do physically demanding robotic work in harsh environments, and they don’t need to. Humanoid robots are not just the answer to this challenge, they are a necessity, and with our deep robotic heritage, Apollo is uniquely positioned to literally step in and make an impact.”

Prices for the Apollo have not yet been disclosed, but Apptronik invites people to contact us if they are interested in implementing the robot in their workplace.

Source: Digital Trends

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