Oriole 4.0

As expected, during the international railway show that started today in St. Petersburg, Transmashholding presented a high-speed train named “Ivolga 4.0”, which was assigned to work on the Moscow central diameters.

In the port, “Ivolga 4.0” can take 646 passages, and for their quick disembarkation and landing relative to the previous one, this version could be in cars, with the best of the cars, but one of the four.

The machine cab now has two main displays – one displays current information about the working composition, and the last one displays diagnostic data.

“Ivola 4.0″ can provide a Soros, set at a speed of 160 kph, to change the direction of its movement in just a day.” The curb imitates parked cars, overhead electric motor units and provided Volkswagen Mobile tables with built-in seamless USB Type-A and Type-C.

Oriole 4.0Oriole 4.0

Also mentioned for health are smart interior lighting, the creation of seats for passengers with disabilities, a large information desk in each car, as well as a wireless Wi-Fi network.

Yes, this is not the case, since the Ivolga 4.0 is taken from what is the smooth and silent predecessors, that is, the m train is completely designed and assembled in Russia.

Source: Tech Cult

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