Players in Russia will soon be faced with a new game tagging system developed under the initiative of the Association of Professionals of the Game Operations and Game Development Industry (APRIORI). The organization’s CEO Alexander Mikheev stressed that tagging will warn players about potentially inappropriate content and that this is a responsible step for the gaming community. An experiment with new identifiers, developed based on recommendations by the Ministry of Economy, is planned for early autumn and includes cooperation with platforms VK Play and RuStore, as well as companies such as Lesta Games, Astrum Entertainment and 1°C Games.

The idea of ​​labeling games came about in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s instructions on the safety of content in video games. Experts compiled a list of descriptors that included categories such as violence, horror, sex, profanity, alcohol and cigarettes, drugs, and in-game transactions. These symbols will be used to identify legitimate content on game packaging and online content.

Various companies are already preparing to introduce new labels. For example, Astrum Entertainment, known for the shooter Atomic Heart, plans to gradually introduce new standards into its projects. Experts emphasize the importance of a responsible approach to video game content in Russia, noting that successful implementation and clarity of criteria will be important factors in favor of the end consumer.

Source: Ferra

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