It would not be an exaggeration to say that life is much more difficult without a mobile phone. Therefore, charging a mobile phone in an emergency can be a safety issue. Due to weather events such as storms, floods and hurricanes that may cause power outages, It is essential to have access to a device to make calls, send messages or use GPS to locate yourself.. Fortunately, there are several alternative ways to obtain energy.

In addition, for those who like to do sports such as hiking, climbing, forest roads or camping in remote locations in the middle of nature, access to energy that will save the phone’s charge is of great importance.

Take a look at some tricks on how you can charge your mobile phone without electricity:

1. Portable Battery

Anyone who has run out of batteries and has to use their cell phone to talk to someone or find out where they are knows the importance of a portable charger. There are many models on the market with different sizes, powers and input ports.

Devices with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, also called Powerbanks, have an average of three times the charging capacity of a smartphone. The ideal is to always leave it charged so that it can be useful in the event of a power outage.

2. Use 9V Battery

9v battery can make cell phone calls (Source: YouTube/Atlantisdiving1

One option in an emergency is to use a 9 volt battery to charge your mobile phone. For this you also need a USB cable, a USB car adapter and a metal clip.

The first step is to attach the adapter to the positive terminal (round nozzle) of the battery. Then open the metal clip and wrap some of it around the negative pole of the battery (hex head) and place it on the metal side of the adapter. In this way, energy flows from the battery to the mobile phone. Then you just need to connect the USB cable to the mobile phone.

3. Hand crank loader

Although not very powerful, the gadget can be helpful as one of the available resources.  (Source: Free Market/Production)

be ecological, The device stands out as it never needs electricity, Because it uses mechanical energy to charge devices with a USB connection.

There are different models on the market that differ in price and load power, but they are a viable option for use at home or for trips in remote areas.

4. Solar Charger

Even on cloudy days it is still possible to charge a small fee.  (Source: Treehugger/Reproduction)

Ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities and power outage situations, the idea is the same as a portable battery.

The difference is in the source used for charging: sunlight. Some models also have an LED that acts as a flashlight and offers electrical charging.

5. The Case of the Sun and Wind

Alternative energies can also help when your cell phone battery runs out.  (Source: Designboom/Reproduction)

Agreeing with the solar charger, this case combines the practicality of a mobile phone cover with a wireless solar power source, keeping the device charged.

Among alternative energy sources, Dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven has a project that uses wind energy. With a small propeller attached to the mobile phone case, The gadget has a small generator that converts wind energy into electricity. The project is a prototype and would be ideal for riding a bike, boat, car or even enjoying the sea breeze.

6. Use Tools Around You

Using the computer as a power source is a safe option.  (Source: Pexels/Rann Vijay)

Maybe your computer won’t be able to help you instantly communicate with the world when there is no electricity. However, if the device is charged, it can be useful and safe to carry a charger to your mobile phone. Simply use your computer’s USB port and a cable to charge your phone.

If power is available, new television sets also have USB ports that can be used to charge your mobile phone.

7. Driving the car

The car battery can also charge the mobile phone.  (Source: Freepik/Rawpixel)

Driving the vehicle can also be an option via the vehicle’s USB adapter or the vehicle’s own USB port. In some cases, Just turn the first stage of the switch to charge the device without wasting fuel.. It is worth remembering that it is important not to discharge the car battery.

In addition to the more obvious communication services (calling or sending messages), it is also possible to search for cars, order food, consult banks, use maps for navigation and make payments through the application. The number of services is quite large.

So running out of battery can be a risk. But with the above solutions, you can make your mobile phone work better in case of any trip, adventure or emergency.

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