The best navigator on the Beeline Moto II model prefers the low-quality acoustics of a motorcycle to a new opportunity. Like the original version, the new version is shown in a video of a thin shib mounted on the handlebar. The device is used for Bluetooth enabled phones. An Internet connection is only required at the route setting stage, after which the device can operate without an Internet connection.

For the most part, see arrow below. Also this region is essentially used after. In the new version of Moto, a mini map from the Gorky region appeared, which it was, needed to polish the design. In addition, the biker can choose between the shortest and most convenient route, or record his own route.

Navigator Beeline Moto

The difference between the Moto II can also be seen in the hardware package. The new product used a TFT electronic display without dimming and anti-glare coating and a battery with a capacity of 600 m*Ah, providing operation for 14 hours. The corporation included two functional divisions of the type that are convenient to press even in gloves. The chrome-plated navigator can also be turned on and drive off-road about upcoming turns.

Beeline Moto II is protected for specific purposes. Those wishing to obtain it can make a pre-production deposit in the amount of $226.

Source: Tech Cult

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