Collection point (PI) managers working with Wildberries began to complain en masse about the new rules for receiving goods, which hold collection point employees responsible for rejection. The company charges 20% of the cost of defective goods from issuing points, while Wildberries does not officially comment on the situation.

Collection Point Managers Complain About New Fines From Wildberries For Defective Merchandise

At the end of August, the company began to implement a program in trial mode, which provides for the return to sellers of part of the cost of defective products. At the same time, the market completely abandoned the marriage arrangement.

Collection point managers had complaints about the company’s innovations: one of the representatives of the Wildberries collection point turned to the editors of RB.RU and said that 20% of the price of defective products was charged at the emission point. At the same time, PVZ employees are prohibited from opening packages during receipt to identify defects.

The problem is confirmed by other partners in the market. In the WBPoint training Telegram channel, the employees of the collection points write that even in cases where a customer discovers a defect in the home and returns it with an approved return request, a percentage of the cost of said goods from the collection. point.


In addition, managers claim that one and a half to two hours are allotted to receive goods, and if the manager does not adhere to this time, he is charged a fine for every minute. At the same time, a more detailed verification of each receipt by the employees of the collection point is now required, but no additional time is allocated for this.

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Wildberries did not respond to a request from RB.RU and did not comment on the situation. Representatives of other markets point out that they do not use the practice of imposing fines at collection points for defective products.

“In Yandex.Market, the owners of the collection points are not responsible for the defect if the shipment packaging is not damaged. PVZ owners are, of course, responsible for the stored goods until they are delivered to the customer, but not for the defect, since they cannot check the contents of the package and must only ensure the quality of its packaging. If the buyer, after opening the order, discovers a marriage, while the packaging is not damaged, the seller is responsible, ”Yandex.Market explained to RB.RU.

Ozon also said that they do not penalize partners for defective products. The company pointed out that they treat each particular case separately and find out what type of damage the product has. According to the market representative, video surveillance cameras have been installed at the order issuing points. Thus, if there is a suspicion that damage was received during receiving, it is almost always possible to review the record and determine the degree of liability of the collection worker.

“Transports with merchandise arrive at the point in container boxes, which can be opened by the driver and the content checked. Most of the products are packed in the factory, transparent packaging. Thanks to this, the employees of the point can immediately determine the integrity of the merchandise, if the merchandise is still damaged, they indicate the reason in the system, ”he explained in the market.

The fight against counterfeiting is one of the most unpleasant problems of online trading platforms, believes Roman Etkind, specialist in international financial markets at Finmir market. According to him, the partial transfer of responsibility for marriage to PVZ would simplify the work of the markets.

According to the expert, an effective step towards the fight against counterfeiting was the unification of markets in the Association of Internet Business Companies (AKIT) that took place in the summer, allowing unscrupulous sellers to be blocked on three key online platforms. .


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Source: RB

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