Just a couple of weeks left before the main autumn presentation of Apple. Along with the next generation of iPhone, Cupertino, by tradition, will also show the updated Apple Watch.

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Now let’s deal with all the rumors and leaks about the upcoming new product. The update can become minor, so revolutionary.


  • ▪ Number of new models and names
    ▪ Stuffing
    ▪ New straps
    ▪ Software chips
    ▪ Prices and sales start date

Number of new models and names

▶ A number of analysts say that the next generation Apple Watch Series 9Like last year, you will receive a minor upgrade of the main indicators. However, there is a chance that we will see a fundamentally new gadget – Apple Watch X.

A major update of the watch can be timed to coincide with the tenth generation of the gadget (the first watch was in a mansion, and then it was replaced by Apple Watch Series 1). Formally, it is the autumn novelty that will become the tenth anniversary update of the Apple Watch line. On the other hand, when Cook and company showed the iPhone X, no one asked where the ninth iPhone had gone.

So see the chance Apple Watch X It certainly is. Such a gadget can get a new design and a thinner body. Another novelty can get a new screen with the result MicroLED. Previously, it was believed that the innovation will go to the second generation. Apple Watch Ultra.

▶ Analytics from bloomberg I think that this year is another update Apple Watch Series 3 we definitely won’t see it. Such a gadget can interfere with sales Apple Watch Series 9. In addition, all employees are now busy finalizing Series 9 And Ultra 2nd generation.

About the second generation Apple Watch Ultra little is known. According to a number of leaks, it can be assumed that Apple is developing an enlarged model with a display on 2.1″.

We are waiting for the autumn presentation or a couple Apple Watch Series 9/Ultra 2 or one new gadget – Apple Watch X.

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Watches can switch to processors from the iPhone

Last year, in Apple Watch 8, developers introduced a slightly updated filling. Although the chip changed the model number, it remained the same in terms of performance and other parameters.

Some experts believe that the new generation of watches will switch to processors Apple A15which are now used in the entire line iPhone 13basic models iPhone 14, iPhone SE 3rd generation iPad mini 6th generation and even in Apple TV 4K. The mass production of such processors makes it possible to introduce new generation chips without special models of rise in price.

Such a powerful filling definitely improves performance, but the question of autonomy remains open.

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New straps not backwards compatible

With a high degree of probability, in the event of a purchase by buyers, new strap attachment mechanisms will be installed. If you are planning to buy a new gadget, do not rush to buy additional accessories for its presentation.

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Firstly, so the new watch will be noticeably different from previous models. The innovation has turned into another “imaging” at the autumn presentation.

Secondlymarketers have long dreamed of cutting off the owners of new devices from the endless number of old accessories and start selling new ones.

ThirdAccording to rumors, Apple is developing a fundamentally new type of magnetic attachment for straps.

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More options when using without an iPhone

Apple Watch can hardly be called an independent gadget, because it is almost impossible to use it without an iPhone. A few years ago, we already noted how you can use the Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby. Unfortunately, in order for the time of the situation to practically not change, you will not even be able to activate the gadget without an apple smartphone.

▶ Some analysts believe that in the new generation of watches, Apple will take the first steps towards a standalone gadget. In test versions of watchOS 10, several software chips appeared for this.

▶ Already on the test version of the firmware, the watch allows you to connect contacts with iPhone owners on iOS 17.

▶ The new watch model allows you to learn to recognize the type and color of the connected strap. Such a gadget will be a refinement of the design of the dial to match the color of the accessory.

▶ In addition, the watch has a special lock mode similar to the iPhone and Mac.

▶ we remind you that the current firmware version already has a special remote control mode on nearby iPhone or iPad right around the clock.

All this hopes that the Apple Watch will become more self-sufficient and can be fully used without the iPhone.

But the appearance of dials is not worth waiting for. Cupertinians use the stable operation of watchOS in this way and note a good professional experience.

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Sales start date and price

▶ The last six Apple Watch indicators went on sale in between. from 7 to 15 September. There is no reason to break this tradition. Most likely, the watch will be sold this year before the end of the first month of autumn.

▶ Price tag for Apple Watch Series 4-8 in the USA at the start of sales did not change. The gadget costs the same – $399. In case of a minor update Apple Watch Series 9 will cost the same, but radically updated Apple Watch X can sell for $50-100 moreespecially against the backdrop of a possible rise in price of the iPhone.

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That’s all with rumors and opponents. We are waiting for the autumn presentation of Apple.

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