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Surely you have heard it more than once, and its melody immediately reminds you of the old days. Soviet UnionThe truth is that the Russian anthem is one of the most powerful and popular in the world, and its influence is so strong that it paralyzed the Polish railway system.

The hack, allegedly carried out by Russia, exploited a critical vulnerability in the railroad’s radio security system, and the problem was reportedly fixed within hours.

An investigation into the cyberattack is ongoing, and the Polish Press Agency (PAP) said radio signals sent to stop trains were interspersed with a recording of the Russian national anthem and a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Stanisław Zarin, a senior Polish security official, told PAP: “At the moment, we are not ruling anything out.” He continued: “We know that for several months there have been attempts to destabilize the Polish state. Such attempts were made by the Russian Federation jointly with Belarus.”

Train traffic was reportedly restored within a few hours, and the Polish State Railways said in a statement[[” embedded url link data-uri=”e4ee57ec9d423967f5911eff506e3140″>comunicado que «no hay amenaza para los pasajeros ferroviarios» y que el ataque cibernético solo causó «dificultades en el funcionamiento de los trenes».

Lo más burdo, es que este hackeo podría ser bastante fácil de realizar. Los hackers podrían haber usado tonos simples que se pueden encontrar en un documento de la Unión Europea, dijo. El documento dice que establece la «interoperabilidad relacionada con el control-comando y la señalización del sistema ferroviario transeuropeo de alta velocidad».

Los Ferrocarriles Estatales Polacos dijeron en su comunicado que las interrupciones de trenes reportadas del viernes y el sábado fueron llevadas a cabo por «un perpetrador desconocido» y cualquier tren que reciba «una señal de parada de radio resulta en una parada inmediata de todos los trenes cuyas radios operan en una frecuencia determinada».

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