Researchers from the University of Australia and Flinders University have found the largest plant on the planet – in a seaweed field off the coast of Australia, covering almost 200 square kilometers. The most amazing thing is that all this green pantation spread from the bottom – the only thing for sure

This became clear, the combination code wanted the sensations of genetic p Events To do this, we took the use of plants from the entire area and studied 18,000 markers for their placement. “The answer amazed us – there was only one profile!” And this definition makes the alga the highest known plant science in the world.

Prior to this, the record holder was a pando aspen grove in Utah (shsha), which has grown in a similar way in Pando, it occupies 400 square meters, which means that the area of ​​\u200b\u200buse of algae is already 400 times larger. Although Pando appears to have a higher biomass.

The boundless field of algae is also surprising for one more reason: it was calculated that it is no longer 450 years old. The team of England, as it has been given so far, survived in conditions of environmental degradation without throwing fresh water. The plant occurs as a polyploid, that is, both uses of them occur in themselves genome, not just one.

Polyploids are often found in extreme environments, usually sterile, but continue to develop if left undisturbed, which is what algae detection did. Without flowers and seeds, she showed up enough to reconsider temperature and salinity, as well as hunt down light, which would cause a lot of stress on many plants. Researchers continue to study the amazing mega seaweed to better understand its image. life.

Source: Tech Cult

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