Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology prototyped by Mario Caironi have developed miniature batteries that can be swallowed without any danger. They do not need to be processed, just eaten is enough. Caironi was inspired by the production of energy in living cells based on redox processes, where all components are of a biological nature.

The design of the marginal prostate battery is a trick in describing materials. For example, the anode is made of ribofave. Activated carbon is added to the water-based electrolyte for conductivity. The battery is protected from the external environment by beeswax, and is in contact with the absorption of gold foil.

edible battery

For the full power of a 0.65-volt battery, remove power from a low-power microamp in a high-tech package. Hypersensitivity to toxicity 48 microamps for no more than 12 minutes. Even though the values ​​are modest, this wave is enough rrrrrr Especially since the Caironi team is already working on a powerful republican battery.

Both main applications of the novelty are the beer industry, the battery may be required in material safety sensors. Also, She is definitely preparing for medicine, for implants and a re-learned procedure. organism.

Source: Tech Cult

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