In 2021, St. As part of the restoration of the main branch in St. Petersburg, a single computing center was built and equipped for the city’s libraries. Besides the data center, the building was equipped with new equipment including storage systems, lockers, book handling, sorting and self-service stations, book reservation and distribution systems, video surveillance, access control and much more.

A user identification system based on facial recognition was also introduced. In 2023, St. With the financial support of the St. Petersburg Cultural Committee, the implementation of the program for the modernization of the city’s public libraries began.

Library staff reviewed the range of IT products available on the market that meet not only the needs of their organization, but also that of the library organization. After consulting with experts, they opted for the company’s Astra Linux operating system and Brest virtualization tools and decided to implement a single vendor’s software solution to simplify later operation and support.

Source: Ferra

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