Puerto Rico-based Red Cat Holdings announced the opening of the only commercially available system that allows the operator to control the coordinated action of several drones at once – 4-Ship.

Red Cat Holdings is the parent company, which includes several enterprises, taking over the production of drones, some specific ones.

In recent years, China has become a serious competitor in the unmanned systems market, having made a powerful step. Today, the Celestial Empire is one of the undisputed world leaders in everyday life and

4-Ship Unmanned System

Two years ago, China’s largest household baaa manufacturer, dji, accounted for 70% of the milk. It got to the point that even the FBI and the New York police suffered among their users.

4-Ship is Red Cat Holdings’ answer to the challenge posed by its main competitor. They read in the comany that a stem that equalizes the actions of some drones has more advantages than many damage dealers.

The first version of 4-Ship is drones that control and interact with each other, while four of them are in flight, and two are on the ground, ready to replace them at any moment.

4-Ship Unmanned System

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Users, primarily the entire army and security services, receive volumetric surveillance in their application, with the help of which constant aerial surveillance of protected objects is required.

An alternative option is to work on surveillance / reconnaissance by drone, while 4-Ship provides them with duty as needed as sources are depleted food.

Source: Tech Cult

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