Current iPad Pro models already offer up to 2TB of storage at a premium price. Upgrading from 128GB to 2TB costs $1,100. With the introduction of the 4TB storage option, Apple is likely to charge an even higher price; this price may reach the price of some MacBook Pro models, especially those with cellular connectivity.

The upcoming iPad Pro OLED models are expected to feature the M3 chip. Logically, the 4TB model will appeal mainly to users who need a lot of storage and prefer a lighter, thinner form factor over the MacBook.

However, iPadOS’s limitations and data transfer flexibility may make Mac more attractive to some users.

Production of the 4TB OLED iPad Pro variants is expected to be extremely limited due to niche demand, and Apple may also consider adding more RAM to these higher storage variants.

But keep in mind that this information is based on rumors.

Source: Ferra

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