Scientists from the Ural Federal University proposed the use of chicken egg shells in dentistry to test the strength of dental fillings. They argue that because the structure of the shell is similar to tooth enamel, it can be used to assess the quality of the bond between the filling and the tooth.

Modern materials for dental fillings and implants must meet stringent standards in dentistry such as biocompatibility, appropriate durability and cost-effectiveness. Ural Federal University scientists suggested the use of chicken egg shells, which have a structure suitable for dental materials.

The main advantage of the chicken egg shell is that its thickness is almost the same on the entire surface and it has two natural surfaces similar to tooth enamel. This allows mechanical tests to evaluate the strength of the bond between the filling and the tooth.

This method can be useful in teaching dentists and in the selection of materials for dental fillings. It speeds up the selection process for expensive clinical trials, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Source: Ferra

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