X99H V1.41 is the most affordable motherboard for LGA2011-3 today. The host of the TechnoPlanet YouTube channel decided to check whether it is possible to build a budget gaming system on the basis of this motherboard.

You can find the technical specifications of X99H V1.41 below. This motherboard will run Xeon E5 1600, 2600, 4600 v3 and v4 series processors. There’s no point in installing Xeon and i7 processors with the multiplier unlocked, as you can’t overclock them. So the expert needs to get Xeon 2600 v3 or 4600 v4 for Turbo Boost Unlock or newer Xeon v4 series processors to run on stock.

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You can install modules up to 32GB in a single memory slot. The motherboard has a slot for installing a video card. There is also one M.2 slot for SSD.

To test the motherboard, the server received a Xeon E5 2640 v3 processor, Klisre DDR4 RAM (2 x 8 GB dies at 2666 MHz), a DeepCool Archer Big Pro cooler and an RTX 3080 graphics card.

It was experimentally found that the Xeon E5 2640 v3 processor can work with a voltage drop of 100 mV. True, this sample of the processor in general was not the most successful. See the test results in the pictures above.

Because the test was performed on an open bench, temperatures were higher than they could actually be (in a closed state). Despite this, the VRM heatsink only reached 54 degrees. At the same time it was possible to achieve maximum heating up to 64 degrees. It turns out that the motherboard will definitely cope with processors with a real power consumption of no more than 110-120 watts.

30 minutes after passing Battlefield 5, the heating of the radiator did not exceed 64 degrees again.

The X99H V1.41 motherboard is definitely worth considering. This is the perfect solution for a super budget game build. Of the disadvantages of the motherboard, you can name a small number of SATA connectors, only one M.2 slot for SSD.

Source: Ferra

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