Sberbank’s artificial intelligence system is preparing to become the world’s first “soloist” at the concert to be held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). As part of this unique performance called “Cosmos”, the neural net will play with the Grand Symphony Orchestra on September 10 in Vladivostok.

Symphony “Cosmos” consists of four parts; In the first two episodes, virtuoso musicians from China will perform pre-recorded pieces of music, but the neural network will control the expression of their performance on stage. But real-time improvisation will be in the third and fourth parts of the symphony; here the neural network will be a co-author and full participant in the creative process.

This project highlights the latest artificial intelligence technologies developed in Russia and will include the techno-matryoshka doll with the “neuro-musician” symbol. The unique combination of art and technology transports the music world into a new era where artificial intelligence becomes a creative ally.

Source: Ferra

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