Yandex’s autonomous vehicle division began operating in the United States under the Avride brand. In 2022, the company suspended development in the country due to a special operation.

Yandex resumed work on drones in the US under the Avride brand

The drone development division will operate in Austin, Texas, and develop devices in foreign markets, Forbes reports, citing sources.

The company intends to attract investments for this work. Yandex did not comment on this information.

The publication’s interlocutors reported that the office in Austin is now operational. Some of the specialists from the Israeli drone development unit moved to the United States. Another part of the team is waiting for American visas.

Since 2022, Yandex is in the process of restructuring and dividing its assets into Russian and foreign ones. The company has been developing the direction of unmanned vehicles since 2017.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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